The future of the Republic

These are but thoughts and an Opinion Editorial by Lechuga. Please take it for it’s literary worth.
~~~~~Les Republic~~~~~
Two thousand and nineteen years since the A. D., living in a jungle peninsula eight degrees north of the equator, I made a curious geophysical discovery, one that would break down modern beliefs, systematic concepts of success and failure and prove that the evolutionary branch that humanity is on can and should be examined from a newer, more novel perspective. Returning to the basics, to the trunk from hence we came from, turns out to be not such a feasible endeavor. Twenty years ago, DNA analysis of Neanderthal fossils concluded that all modern humans evolved from Africa. That branch took millions of years to evolve. I am going to suggest that Africa was a different land mass at the time. In the last six thousand years we have built walls of control, oppression, lies and conspiracy to overcome. However, there exists a branch, a good one, still thriving that is but a leap away. When an evolutionary branch collapses on it’s own weight, the resulting change will affect species and become an extinction level event. The next big incremental changes in our evolution are not far. This has happened before, there are dead branches all around us. We have a hard time seeing them as long as we look in one direction. Bend your ‘rules of thumb’. The ideas you have been taught are the same limits that keep you bound to this dimension.