Ken Nickell

Genre: Indie, Singer Songwriter
Band: Ken Nickell

Ken was born at a very young age, the son of a poor share cropper in rural Miami county Kansas.   And given how long his journey it’s surprising he is not any older than he is.  The devote father of 7 he has been married and divorced several times and most of those were somewhat musical related in one way or another.  A farmer, a teacher, a biologist, but always a musician.  Inspiration can come from hardship just as easily as success so always look for that silver lining.

He has written for commercials, jingles, and songs for other singers and bands.  He has sang demos for many other writers and worked for a time in Nashville for Buddy Lee where Grady Martin pitched three of his songs to Willie which are on an album never finished due mostly to an ex wife.

Winning and losing are just words to Ken and through it all the music was always most important.  If you have a bad day he used to say, it might lead to a great night!  On stage, in the studio, or just tokin on a fatty in the hammock writing a song about it can be just as satisfying as any successful business transaction regular people enjoy everyday.

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