Daena Weeks

I had a chance to listen to Daena Weeks on the internet. This powerful songwriter has got a style and unique sound that I can kick back and listen to all day long. I love the way the percussion balances the interesting instrumentation and beautiful voice. The crying guitar of ‘Flesh And Bone’ gets the listener lifted to a new level with the driving drums and great violin work. This is the kind of a build that will make a song embed into one’s flesh and bones. The folk at UrCity Radio are preparing for a live show with Daena. I can see the challenge of capturing this sound in a live show. Thank heavens that we have professionals working on this.

Daena’s music reflects her background, a singer-songwriter, and guitarist from the desert lands of Namibia. The Republic of Namibia, considered the oldest desert in the world, shares land borders with Zambia and Angola to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa. I have never been and yet Daena’s music generously takes me there. I envision the rare cheetah on the red-list to extinction making his last plea to the people of the world. “Come together”

Coming from a land of over a dozen ethnicities and as many spoken languages. Her roots stem from diversity and it shows in her lyrics and musical arrangements.

From Daena’s website  https://www.daenaweeks.com/  :

In 2016 Daena released her debut album entitled Sowing Seeds and now her latest EP, Daena & the Weeks go by is available. She has toured to South Africa, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Malawi and continues to tour worldwide to share her desert melodies.

Festivals that she has played include The Lake of Stars, Rocking The Daisies, Moyn Moyn, Afro Arts Festival, Heimdalen, Sound for Sight, Tea in the Tree and many more.

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