Genre : Indie Rock, Electronica, Dance, Modern Moody Pop
Band Members
Jon Mack - voice, guitar, electronics, production
Shawn Lyon - synths, guitar, production
Jacque Powers - guitars
Erik Ralston - bass
Biography (Republished with permission from )

Auradrone is the brainchild of founding member, Jon Mack, singer/songwriter and artist originally from Michigan. Mack spent her college years living in New York and attending NYU for theater and film. She started her musical career early as a child with singing then learning guitar while she honed her songwriting skills in early band configurations. After college, Mack moved to Los Angeles to expand her opportunities as an actress where she played in several L.A. bands that performed in many of Hollywood’s biggest venues as well as around California.
Over time, Mack taught herself how to program, engineer and produce her own music which helped expand her independence as an both an artist and songwriter. 

Auradrone blends sensuality with edge and many melodic shades and layers into an ultra modern, post-punk electronic soundscape. Formed in 2007, Auradrone developed it’s own signature sound which caught the ear of many talented collaborators across the world; including France, Germany, the UK, New York and Los Angeles who took part in co-creating the sounds on Auradrone’s debut album “Whitelite Britelite”, released in 2009.

In 2011, Auradrone released it’s second album “Bleeding Edge” which was well received across the globe and not only spawned two high concept music videos but also got Auradrone invited to play Exitfest in Novi Sad, Serbia in the summer of 2011 alongside artists such as Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, Tiga, M.I.A., Portishead, Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki.
2016, saw the release of a new single “Weapon of Choice” which led to another high concept music video directed by Michael Sarna and Jon Mack. This video addressed the brutality of poaching and trophy hunting of our endangered wildlife. The conception of this video inspired Jon to form her foundation ‘Defending the Endangered’ in 2015. This foundation is currently at work raising awareness and funds to help non-profits who protect and rehabilitate endangered animals devastated by the wicked effects of poaching across the globe.

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