A night at the Viper Room with Auradrone

I had the great fortune of seeing Auradrone at the Viper Room in LA a few years ago. What a show! Jon Mack was on fire. Before the show, I got in a few videos on Youtube. I felt this Orwellian theme set in. Finding myself in LA during the final days of the Mayan calendar, I had already been dealing with the reality of the disinformation age. Everything that is happening in the geopolitical landscape, hacking, fake news and the underhanded corporate takeover of the American democracy had me ready to get out and see what it was all about. The Viper Room is known for pouring some of the best cocktails in L.A. And the bartender that night did not disappoint. I remember the lights getting dim and the stage becoming eerily quiet. Then Boom! Auradrone came on and it was full tilt. ‘Weapon of Choice’ put a stake in my heart. I looked into the eyes of the last great pachyderms walking the African landscape on their forced journey to the red list of extinction. The song I watched earlier that day came on, ‘Shadow’, and from what I saw, the foretelling words of novelist George Cable rung into my mind.
“And in the afternoon they entered a land – but such a land! A land hung in mourning, darkened by gigantic cypresses, submerged; a land of reptiles, silence shadow decay.”
And then I felt I understood their message. I was sent into a transcendental state when the drum and bass rhythms locked me in. And then the most beauteous figure of Jon Mack filled in the vocals. With the rest of the crowd, I stood there mesmerized. When it was all over, I could only tell my buddy who drove me to the show, “Fuck Your Mission Statement!”
One of the greats.

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