The Costa Rica International Film Festival (CRFIC)

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San José, Costa Rica, January 29, 2020- The Costa Rica International Film Festival (CRFIC) released the official list of Central American and Caribbean feature films, as well as the Costa Rican short films that will compete for the awards for the best films of the eighth edition to be held in March.

This is the eighth edition of the Festival (8th CRIFC), a program by the Costa Rican Center for Film Production (Cinema Center) of the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ), which will take place from March 12 to 21, 2020.

Due to the socio-cultural and strategic importance of the Caribbean countries and their historical relationship with Costa Rica, as a novelty this year the CRFIC expanded the reception of films to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic for the feature film competition.

According to the director of the Cinema Center, Ana Xótchil Alarcón, “it was essential to understand the region as one. In Central America and the Caribbean an exceptional multiculturalism coexists, coexisting in small territories, but that through the cinema, tells and tells impressive stories, of great importance ”.

Alarcón added that, for this edition of the CRFIC, the region is broadly and comprehensively understood, “that is why we want to put into conversation a vigorous cinematography that combines three essential variables: trajectory, creativity and passion.”

Of 32 feature films received in a public call made between last November and December 2019, for the Central American and Caribbean Feature Film Competition, the 8th CRFIC programming team finally selected two films from Cuba, three from Guatemala, one from El Salvador and three from Costa Rica (see list below).

For its part, in the National Short Film Competition the curator team received 44 short films, of which nine were officially selected (see list below).

In this regard, the filmmaker and communicator, Roberto Jaén, member of the 8th programming team. CRFIC, said that “we have selected films that align with the spirit of our Festival, while we want to enhance humanistic values ​​and contents aware of the social and political reality of the region. Proposals of cinematographic, formal and aesthetically suggestive quality ”.

The curatorial team of the 8th. CRFIC is made up of four professionals with a background in regional cinematography. In addition to Roberto Jaén, the sociologist Luciana Gallegos, the filmmaker Cristóbal Serrá, and the journalist and artistic director since 2017 of the Festival, Raciel del Toro.

This year, the Central American and Caribbean feature film competition is made up of recently released films at the renowned Cannes, Venice or the Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA).

This is the case of Guatemalan films Our mothers of César Díaz or La llorona by Jayro Bustamante, the latter a proposal that reinterprets the myth of the llorona and relates it to the dictatorship and genocide in the tone of magical realism of our America.

They also integrate the official selection list Black Ash, Costa Rican film by Sofía Quirós, which not only upsets magical realism, but is also a coming of age; like howls from Julio Hernández Cordón y Agosto, Cuban-Costa Rican film by Cuban director Armando Capó are heard.

In documentary and also from Cuba, the story of friendship and exile was selected A half voice of the directors Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez, and El Salvador, Cachada de Marlén Viñayo, a film in which a group of street vendors relate their lives of abuse and violence through the theater.

The Central American and Caribbean feature film competition, the Costa Rican films Here and Now by Paz Léon and Río dirty by Gustavo Fallas are closed.

Regarding the National Short Film Competition, Jaén added that in a country that has few incentives or funds that promote the production of short films, the CRFIC “is pleased to offer a varied selection of short films with views of young filmmakers and filmmakers, diverse and complementary ; a tapestry of stories, approaches and speeches that cross the spectrum of fiction, documentary and animation ”.

For this year, the 8th CRFIC will deliver 7 million colones in prizes in support of the filmmakers: a prize of 1 million for the best national short, a prize of 3 million for the best Costa Rican feature film, and a prize of 3 million for the best feature film of Central America and the Caribbean.


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