Defending the Endangered

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Defending the Endangered

    Defending the Endangered

    Defending the Endangered is a collaborative movement formed with the mission to educate and raise funds to rehabilitate and protect endangered species around the world. As a result, DTE was created in 2015 by Jon Mack, actress, musician, producer, animal crusader. Click here to read more about Jon.

    Our mission is to educate the public, to serve as animal advocates, and take an active role in preserving life on this planet. We intend to do this by sharing our collective creative works to raise funds for non-profits working with and protecting endangered species all over the world.

    Learn more about Defending the Endangered (DTE) and Jon by visiting their website at the DTE Website
    What's more, your interest offers awareness of this mission. Jon brings artists and creative thinkers from all over the world together to combat and raise awareness against poaching and trophy hunting on our endangered species.

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