“Your CityRadio seeks to leverage strategic opportunities, that we have identified, for bands and brands to succeed in localized digital media broadcasting.”

– C. Prevost.

We are in the business to help as many bands and small businesses as possible. UrCity Radio is an internet radio alternative media broadcaster bridging the gap between the business owner, musician, and music lover.

UrCity Radio was designed to help local bands gain exposure and experience through the promotion of internet radio emerging in Fairfield County Connecticut. Why Fairfield County? Well, it just so happened that the founding developer of this idea is based in this location. Any relationship to the ancient city of Ur was purely coincidental and perhaps stemming from the subconscious mind. Imagine one of the first cities of recorded civilization where music was needed to balance the governance of commerce and trade. The infamous Standard of Ur is widely accepted as being associated with the second oldest known string instruments ever discovered. This ancient civilization of 4000 BCE created a relatively stable, self-sustaining system, with singers maintaining their careers in the face of dynastic change. Read more …

We are an international alternative media company focused on the emerging talent and local music market, a niche that has been growing and garnering more interest as music production has broken into the realm of the independents and podcasting technology has blossomed.

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