Artist/Band: Dre Scott
Genre: Hip, Post modern

Dre Scott

“Living outside the radius of any surrounding creative hubs, Dre has been able to concoct his own blend of New York City’s fast-paced lyrical combat, Los Angeles’s sample-heavy, trip-hop soundscapes and the faintest hint of Chicago’s neo-soul lushness. His detachment from any specific scene has allowed him to pick and choose the elements from each major hip hop epicenter that work best for his aesthetic without the intrusion of regional bias. That’s not to say Dre’s sound was created in a vacuum; the local rappers he admired growing up certainly played a major role in the development of his musicality and lyricism. When speaking of his greatest influences, he delegates equal importance to his Fairfield County contemporaries and hip hop’s heavyweights. ” – Charlotte Freitag, Kurrent Music
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